The Mobile Music Report For May-June 2004


car[1].gifThe new Mobile Music Report, covering news for May and June (missed writing up the report last month), is out now…The report covers top news in the sector during the period, neatly categorized and contextualized with plenty of links.

(And at last, we have a direct credit card payment you have no excuse not to buy the report…)

We have a special section this month on what I call the online-mobile music disconnect, addressing the issues the music industry is choosing to ignore: the pricing disparity between online and mobile music services, and software service like Xingtone which cater to these exact disparities.
We also have a special section on ringtone charts…some frenzied activity in the market, especially in UK.

Also, sections on mobile music technology and ringbacks…

And then, regional news from UK and Europe, the hotbed of technological innovation in this sector, and Asia, the place where it is really happening.

As a special offer, you can buy all the reports covering mobile music news for the first half of this year, for $60…check out the new report page for details…

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