Nokia goes native in India


Nokia is customizing its 6220 model for Indian cellular giant, Bharti Cellular. Nokia has customised its 6220 model with an additional key that takes Airtel subscribers directly to an entertainment portal with content in the spheres of movies, music, sports and mobile games, reports the Business Line. Bharti service is known as Airtel in India, and the new handset will feature Sachin Tendulkar wallpapers, A. R. Rahman tunes, pre-installed high data transmission capacity with General Packet Radio System (GPRS), multimedia messaging, embedded bookmarks and links. It will cost about $275 and will also have a built-in FM radio. This is the first time any handset maker has developed a customized handset for an Indian operator. I am not surprised because India is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phones. The brand awareness in India gives large established players like Nokia and Samsung better chance in India than in China where local brands are taking over the market.



Well someone has to make-up for the ugly handsets Nokia is churning out these days. Yeah Charlie, she brought a little smile to my face as well.

Charlie Sierra

You know its alot of work keeping up to date on all this technology stuff and sometimes it just hits ya like a brick, and you realize that you need to pause for a moment and acknowledge the beauty in this world. And please allow me to say that this woman is really beautiful. Thanks, Om.

Dean Landsman

Hey, I recognize that woman! She’s the Welsh girl who took Bollywood by storm: Catherine Zeta Singh. (you see, a long time ago, an Indian friend explained to me that Singh is the equivalent of Jones….)

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