Jupitermedia Takes Legal Action Against eMarketer


Well, this had to happen sooner than later…eMarketer has had its day in the sun, and must now face up to some reality. Really. As other media companies will tell you, aggregation is a tricky business, and with a high priced research at stake, it becomes a copyright minefield.

Jupiter Research–owned by Jupitermedia–has taken legal action (not exactly sure what that legal action is) against eMarketer. According to CEO Alan Meckler: “This company has the nasty habit of copying JupiterResearch’s original analysis and research without the permission of JR. Such activities have been going on for years. And as the new owners of JupiterResearch, we must put a stop to eMarketer’s actions.”

And he exhorts others: “There are other research companies out there who are also being “used” by eMarketer. I would suggest that they take legal action too unless they want to continue to be ripped-off.”

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