New Sony U-50 / 70 video

Kurns & Patrick has posted a new video comparing the Sony U-50 with the U-70. The video shows some simple benchmarks that demonstrate the speed difference between the Celeron and Pentium M processors in the two models. They also compare the standard vs. the extended battery for size and thickness, and show the optional case with a built-in stand for working with the U while mobile. I have this case and strongly recommend it if you think you will use the U with the keyboard while out and about.It’s important to note that while their conclusion is that the speed of the two models is “identical” a major advantage of the Pentium M processor is the battery life. The Pentium M is the same processor used in most new laptops you will find and in my experience this processor will provide at least a 20 – 30% battery life increase over the Celeron.

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