Is VoIP ready for primetime?


Associated Press’ Ellen Simon writes that VoIP is getting really really hot. AT&T is expecting a million customers for its Callvantage VoIP service (I buy that!) and what more Comcast plans to make its VoIP service available to all its customers by end of 2006. AT&T recently added more states to its CallVantage program.

“If you were to look at it in 10 to 15 years’ time, everyone will be using Voice over Internet Protocol,” said Mark Main, senior analyst at Ovum, a British consulting firm. But getting there “will be quite varied, quite torturous and not at all clean.” Beyond that, “half the states in the country are looking at regulating and taxing VoIP,” said Gregory Rosston, deputy director of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Simon highlights the current regulatory and technology problems with VoIP and goes on to advise ma-and-pa users to take it easy before signing up for VoIP services. Tom’s Hardware has an even better article on why VoIP is not ready for the masses … yet

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