Killer broadband app?


Jeff Pulver is bitching about “lack of new services/features in VoBB and too many “me too” service providers,” writes Aswath. Comcast Cable President Steve Burke recently said: “I have yet to see a true killer app for broadband.” Well I am not sure if I have seen that app either. Any guesses people?



I agree – the illegal downloads are the real reason for broadband’s growing popularity. it will be for some time but it will be only a matter of time before what is illegal today would become legal tomorrow. secondly VoIP is a good application for broadband, but it alone cannot become the killer app which generates billions of dollars in profits. I think!


Well, VOIP is pretty close – it’s an app that couldn’t really exist without broadband connections. Overall, though – I think the killer app is just always-on internet. That changes the nature of the relationship with the internet.


Honestly? Right now it’s gaming and illegal downloads via torrent (still unsafe), IRC and Usenet.

I think the future killer apps will be gaming, illegal downloads, and pornography.

If the definition of “killer app” means one tha’ts profitable, my guess might be gambling, once broadband is established and everyone has a home gateway hooked to their television offering them interactive services….


The killer app was all the illegal stuff we used to be able to download. RIAA ruined it though. Now we just get spam, viruses, spyware and too many damn blogs. ( I like this one though )

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