Bill Gates is not smart, his rivals are stupid

I have said that time and again. Apple, Netscape and Palm are three companies which started out with monopoly market share and were reduced to bit players mostly because of hubris, and some management cock-ups. If one believes what one reads on Engadget, then one should add Sony to this list. After being a leader in the consumer electronics world, the company’s internal politics has reduced it to an also ran which is yet to come out a dependable computer and a decent digital music player. How screwed up Sony is? Well here is an excerpt.

And that three different divisions, VAIO, Walkman, and SEL are all planning to introduce digital audio players and portable video players over the next few months….. He then goes on to say that the source of the problem lies in Japan, which wants to force products on consumers to buy products by only using standards that people need their special devices to listen to or view.

One fears that despite a horrendous product, I won’t wipe my ass with Windows Media Center Microsoft is going to end-up becoming a major player in the converged device market, which is going to be sad because for next 25 years we will be saddles with real blue screens of death and viruses (though one could argue lower prices.) Not quite sure about what Apple will do next, if anything, in the home entertainment market. TiVO is great. It lacks the rosy glow of a successful long term player. Ergo, we might be stuck with the big bad Microsoft.

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