Phones as flashlights & More


Is your phone a flash light, a vanity mirror? If not, perhaps then it is time for you to switch to one of the many new handsets which are very high tech, but do a lot of lo-tech things, reports the Wall Street Journal. The daily has a round-up of new phones coming to market for exactly these purposes. Nokia’s 7610 has a mirrored panel, while Boost Mobile is about to introduce Motorola’s i285 which features a flip-open vanity mirror.

This August in Europe and Asia, Siemens plans to launch a camera phone, the CFX65, whose flash can also be used as a flashlight. Kyocera Corp.’s wireless unit began shipping two phones with flashlights late last year, the “Blade” and “Rave.”

Actually the first company to do so was Nokia which introduced the Nokia 1100 in India with a flashlight. Its a good phone, but its commercial is better. Anyway most of these phones while great and ooh-ah inspiring, are of not much use, because the networks here in the US suck and the coverage is poor. (Verizon being an only exception!)

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