Some Simplification


Folks, after long deliberation, I have decided to mothball the old site. Don’t get me wrong – all the entries and everything is still intact, except that now that I have hit the 3000 entry mark, I decided it was time to reset the clock to zero, and start all over again. Here is a link to the old blog.

The old site had t0o many categories and were too complicated. They have been cut down to a mere dozen. Pretty self explanatory. Plugged means all things related to wired broadband, unplugged is everything wireless, connected home is just that….blah blah blah!

There have been some minor changes to the site. For instance, VoIPDaily has been rolled back into the main weblog. Why? Because, I have started to blog daily at Corante and find myself getting repetitive. I have also rolled the articles weblog into the main blog, but all entries are still available from the menu on the left. Not Really Indian still lives as a grouplog, and will continue to do so.

You might notice a redesign (be polite guys, I can hear the collective groan)….again. Hopefully the last one. A lot of people wrote in and complained about the most recent design, so here we go. Anyway I hope this is going to be the last change. Actually this redesign has three of my lucky colors, so hopefully everything will remain permanent. Also there is a new photo of mine – stopped smoking cigars for now! GigaOM has been replaced by simpler name for now. (Thank you Charlie, for making me see the light!) For design – big word up to Jon & Larry.

Few additions to the site – we have an email form for you to get in touch with me, and tip form. Okay so this is the last redesign, and thanks for being part of my every changing weblog journey.

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