EFF Publishes Patent Hit List


The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a list of top 10 patents it wants killed, or at least redefined. The EFF said all 10 patents are in some way illegitimate and are being used to limit free expression.

As part of its Patent Busting Project, the EFF in mid-June began soliciting the public for submissions of patents that were both potentially invalid and used to stifle online innovation. The organization received nearly 200 suggestions, 10 of which it will now formally ask the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to re-examine.

Target number one is Acacia, a company which holds broad streaming media patents. Other digital media related on the list includes Clear Channel Entertainment, for its system and method of creating digital recordings of live performances; Sheldon Goldberg, for a system and method for playing games on a network; and Seer Systems, for a ssystem and method for generating, distributing, storing and performing musical work files.

EFF will now collect data it can use to demonstrate to the Patent Office that it should re-examine each case.

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