Digital Containers Gets “Superdistribution” Patent


DigitalContainers, a DRM patent company, has received approval from the USPTO for a second patent, “Tracking Electronic Content”, U.S. Patent No. 6,751,670.

This patent describes a system whereby a secure digital content file persistently reports the identification of, and provides information about, any new user that attempts to access the content. With the granting of the Tracking Electronic Content patent, DigitalContainers has obtained what amounts to the “Superdistribution” patent for the Internet and distributed networks.

Superdistribution is a vaunted concept in digital media, first coined in 1987 by Ryoichi Mori, head of the Japan Electronics Industry Development Association, as this Wired story of Sep 1994 describes…

This is DC’s second patent..for background on the company and the first patent, read this: “DigitalContainers Reemerges and Grabs Patent“.

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