What’s your WAF?


Every married male techno-geek has run into it. Men spend inordinate amounts of time trying to anticipate it, oftentimes, unsuccessfully. What is it that determines what techno-goodies you do or don’t buy? It’s the Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) and an excellent article from the Boston Globe looks at how it’s shaping the electronics industry currently. Gone are the big, boxy, black electronic components we all know so well. In are the flat panel TVs and speakers.Wife-persuasion tactics are common water-cooler chatter, and WAF has spread like wildfire in chat rooms, where men grumble anonymously about difficult wives. It is debated on the Web in German, Dutch, and French. And amid controversy over same-sex marriage, the concept of SAF, or Spouse Approval Factor, has crept into the vernacular of gay and lesbian couples.WAF is so powerful that it is rapidly changing the nature, design, and even the color of electronics and other consumer goods. Electronics manufacturers are shifting to products with high WAF: flat-screen televisions, “invisible” speakers recessed into walls, user-friendly touch screens, and components in colors that women like. Apple’s wildly popular iPod mini — in pink, lime green, baby blue, silver, or gold — represents the ultimate integration of form (for gals) and function (for guys).Thanks to BostonPocketPC for finding this gem.

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