Netgear portable 802.11g router


netgear_wifiSo you’re travelling and the hotel where you’re staying only has wired Internet connections. The expensive laptop you bought because it has WiFi built into the unit has to be tethered to the hotel’s outlet with Cat 5 cable, right? No, there are two attractive ways around this problem. The first is to use the Apple Airport Express I reported on in this article. The other is to take the new Netgear portable 802.11g router along on your next trip. The size of a deck of playing cards, the WGR101 has no external antenna and comes with a small power adapter and carrying case. What makes this device so cool for hotel use is the ability to switch it into “single user mode” which makes it impossible for neighboring guests to tap into your internet connection. And it’s available for about $80 online.

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