Apple’s next hot thing

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Engadget has an idea about what Steve Jobs would release at next week’s Apple WWD Forum. I like my idea and am pretty optimistic about something like this coming to market.

I expect this product to add power-over-ethernet functions, soon enough. It would also be supporting a S-Video out in the future generations. And lastly, I expect a new device from Apple – which is somewhere between a laptop and a PDA, but completely connected and be mostly used by the thumb tribes, i.e. young people who cannot live without IM. (Okay – it just a guess about what Apple should or could be building next!)

I brought it up to the top today because we will all be watching the Apple WWDC closely today. My sources tell me that Apple is going to announce something that “will be a remarkable shift from their strategy thus far.” In short, a paradigm shift!

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