Airpath CEO-Media just doesn’t get it

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Airpath CEO Todd Meyers in WirelessIQ: I think that there’s just not enough understanding of the media to comment on all of the aspects of Wi-Fi. It’s hard for a reporter to get to know every aspect of Wi-Fi such as signal strength, AAA roaming issues, technical issues, end-user quality issues and various other ever-changing requirements and device support. [ Ed: I remember getting the similar arguments from various CEOs at optical fiber companies who used to think that everyone would live happily ever after for demand for bandwidth was infinite, and prices could only go up. Nice try Todd! I am putting it down in the category of “How to lose friends and piss of reporters” category. ]

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It’s hard for a reporter to get to know every aspect of Wi-Fi (or any technology for that matter) because most reporters, like most people, are not engineers or physicists. We’re not all PhDs from MIT you know! And if a company fails to inform a reporter of the most important features of its products in language that normal people can understand, then that reporter cannot convey it to the rest of the world. This is what’s wrong with a lot of technology companies today. They live in a cave surrounded by people who communicate in their own Cave-Speak. Check out most companies’ websites. They are full of incomprehensible terms. What exactly is a “solution”? What does “enterprise class” mean?

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