SmartWrap- tangle free earphones


SmartWrapI use my iPod all the time and love it. I carry it everywhere and have a huge collection consisting of CDs I’ve ripped and iTunes music. The iPod experience is one you have to try for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. I use it with a pair of Sony Fontopia earphones that fit in the ear canal, are very comfortable, and sound great. The only problem I have is keeping the earphone cords from tangling, a problem everyone using headphones will find familiar. Enter SmartWrap, an ingenious little gadget that lets you wrap the earphone cord around it eliminating tangles and keeping the cord from getting bent. Great little gadget and very cheap, too.


Rabia Begum

waiting for earphones for ages and cudnt listen to my ipod now i c u r for free.

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