Apple’s blowing it in India

Apple, by all means should be a star in India. It boasts of a celebrity fans club that includes cricket star Sachin Tendulkar (think A-Rod times ten), Amitabh Bachchan (Harrison Ford time ten), and musical maestro A R Rehman (think Quincy Jones). It is often featured in movies and television shows, fashion spreads and music videos. Despite all that, the company continues to be a colossal co*k-up in India. In its decade-long presence in India, Apple has so far seen five country heads and has basically ceded the market to PC makers. It just boggles my mind that the Cupertino cult favorite cannot get its act together in a market which is idea for its products – a gigantic television/film industry, media sector that is booming boom and serious growth in high-end expensive schools. While In India, I had posted this piece on how Apple blew it in the Indian market.


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