Visual Thesaurus

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visual_thesaurusI use a thesaurus a lot and a while back ran into the Visual Thesaurus. It’s a cool program for WinXP machines (online edition available by subscription) that has 140,000 words, meanings, and relationships. Visual Thesaurus displays the results of the search word you enter in a very informative graphical way, with detailed information displayed when you hover the mouse over the term. If you want to try it yourself there’s a “look it up” button on the web page that shows you how it works.

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Glad you like it! I think it’s pretty nifty–I work in research and marketing at Thinkmap and just wanted to let the VT fans know that we are also working on foreign language dictionaries. Look for a Visual Spanish/English Dictionary by the end of the year. With demand, many other foreign language thinkmaps will follow. Let us know what you want––contact us with your ideas–Peace, Terina

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