Windows CE lab tour in video


channel_9I have been a big fan of Channel 9 since it appeared a couple of months ago. Channel 9 is a unique web site run by Microsoft employees that is refreshing and very informative. They post many video interviews of key Microsoft product managers and developers that often give great insight into the design and implementation process for complex products.They have published a video tour of the Windows CE device lab conducted by product manager Mike Hall that shows the breadth of product types these people are putting embedded CE into. You can see a brief preview of Windows CE 5 and some interesting communications devices based on it. Don’t miss the Windows CE powered sewing machine which has internet connectivity and can download any graphic and embroider it onto shirts or other materials. There’s also a neat Windows CE navigation system- no Pocket PC required. If you’re interested in the Portable Media Player that’s been in the news of late they have a good look at one running that’s developed by Creative, the sound card people. Very entertaining and you should check it out.

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