Indian rail to offer net access


Indian rail ‘to offer net access’Clean toilets no, but Internet access yes! A kiosk with two computers will be set up on luxury coaches while “hotspots” will allow passengers with wireless-equipped devices to connect to the web.


Kshitij Chandan

Surprising indeed! Especially with Laloo being the minister handling that. I dont quite understand the need though nor the market. The 2 kiosks per coach will hardly suffice and as for hotspots. Not many have picked up the WiFi trend yet! It may be the European buzz, but over here, even ISPs providing very limited bandwidth demand a good charge. Broadband is what they should be looking at, that too afforadable. The basic infrastructure in cities have to be improved first (even electricity) than focusing on extensibility now. And clean toilets? umm… I would worry more about the speed and the accidents.

SM Zala

Om, don’t mind my asking, but, when was the last time you travelled on Indian Railways?

The service is announced in the luxery cars, and first class cars. which are anyway well maintained, and can be compared to discount airlines.

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