Sprint goes for Ev-DO

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UnStrung: Sprint announced that it plans to launch EV-DO service in several mkts in 2004 and a majority of its mkts in 2005. Nortel and Lucent are trying to get a piece of the equipment action here. Merrill Lynch estimates that Lucent gear represents about 40% of Sprint’s wireless network while Nortel and Motorola account for 30% and 20% of the network footprint, The Street.com reports.

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Andy Abramson

I thought Sprint was going with a different flavor of EV-D(B?) or at least that’s what they announced at last December’s San Diego Telecom Gadgetfest which I co-hosted…is this a course change. At the time they were slamming what Verizon was doing saying their solution was better on bandwidth….any clue?


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