Free Gigabytes for email

Disk Drive makers are the Rodney Dangerfield of technology industry, can’t get no respect. Had it not been for them, and their constant quest to lower the prices of their drives, I can safely say that gigabyte email storage would not become a norm it is fast becoming. Anyway in case you were lusting for a GMail Gigabyte account, here are more free options:

  • The competition is from a small company called AventureMail that is offering a hassle free mail account with 2 GB of storage; that’s 200 times what Yahoo is offering (100 mb) and 1000 times what Hotmail offers today (as of June 20th). In addition to the 2 GB of free storage, AventureMail also offers paid storage of 3 GB, 4 GB and 5 GB for $21.95, $41.95 and $65.95 per annum respectively. via
  • Rediff has introduced 1GB E-Mail via Broadband Reports
  • Spymac.

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