Who broke the embargo?


Rafat, poor guy can’t just win. He is a one man media company, and basically is outscooping everyone of the big guys, who just can’t digest that. Well in case you were wondering, Rafat broke the Real-Starz alliance story last week. This prompted a big discussion on Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine, and someone called Mr. Reporter said that Rafat broke the embargo. Shit, the man scored a legitimate scoop and let him enjoy it.

As far as embargos go well there is certain technology news site based in San Francisco with a high profile CEO which does this all the time. Everytime. Ask any flak in SF and they dread working with these guys. So Mr. Reporter (wannabe) what about reporters who read blogs, take the stories and scoops and turn them into “news stories” without as much as acknowledgment of the fact. I know how it feels for I straddle both worlds.

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