Business 2.0 beats Wired


Business 2.0 had our annual softball game against Wired magazine last evening in San Francisco. The picture perfect setting and toasty weather made the game quite enjoyable. Wired team was looking quite snazzy in their uniform, much like their magazine. Business 2.0 team, well was a bunch of utlity players. It was going to be a tough game, we figured. We had beaten Wired last time around, and I was not surprised that Wired was all fired up and wanted to beat us. The game got underway at 4.30 pm, and by 5.30 it was clear, Business 2.0 was going to stay unbeaten. Some solid hitting by our team, excellent pitching by senior editor Andrew Tillin (well since his kids were in the viewing gallery he could not screw up!) was all it took for us to beat Wired, 12-9. I was the DH, had two at bats, one RBI and was thrown out at first base on my second at bat. Everyone went to celebrate at Delancey in Marina on advice of Wired guys. The bar had gone out of business! I went home, and watched the Yankees-Diamondbacks revenge series. Yankees won! Better than that, Boston lost. Perfect way to end a day!

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