The Advertising Economics of Nanomedia

(via Micropersuasion) Tom Hespos does a great service to our emerging media (yes, I’m biased), by laying out some ground rules on how advertisers should approach blogs, and how blogs must make themselves more advertiser-friendly.

He touches on some of the issues I face every day with advertisers. But some of the points he mentions are a bit out of reach for the one-person operation like mine. For instance, the demographical profile of users is hard, despite having a decent enough analytics package. On the e-mail list, I don’t ask for anything more than the e-mail, for the simple reason that I’ve run this as an open ship, and don’t want to intrude too much on the readers.

Anyway, he makes two very valid points:

— For media planners: “Put down the @Plan runs and the MRI crosstabs for a sec and take a calculated chance for your clients. It will pay off. Relevance is one of the prime drivers of success in online advertising. Blogs have dedicated audiences that come back again and again to consume quality topical content. ”

— “My advice to the blog community is to be patient and to keep doing what you’re doing. Content truly is king, and as blogs draw more eyeballs away from mainstream news and topical sites, the dollars will follow the eyeballs.”

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