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Industry Moves: Appoints Sonostar Ventures Chairman David Moore to its Board has appinted David Moore, chairman of Sonostar Ventures, to its board. Moore is the latest independent member to join the MarketWatch board, which now includes a majority of independent directors as a result of his appointment.

In addition to Moore and CEO Larry Kramer, the MarketWatch board of directors includes Andrew Heyward, president, CBS News; Christie Hefner, CEO, Playboy Enterprises; Doug McCormick, CEO, iVillage; Robert Lessin, Vice Chairman, Jeffries & Co.; Jeffrey Rayport, CEO, Marketspace; Peter Glusker, SVP, Viacom Interactive Ventures; Philip Hoffman, EVP, Pearson; Zach Leonard, Managing Director, EMEA The Financial Times; and David Hodgson, Partner, General Atlantic Partners.