Samsung’s D 415 is a killa

If looks could kill, then Samsung’s D 415 phone would be an assassin. I recently got hold of a working model of Samsung’s newest GSM phone, the D415. The phone has been optimized for the T-Mobile network, and is a dual band phone, which in all likelihood will work pretty everywhere in the US though I think it is a better option for those who live outside of US. The vital 850 HZ frequency support is missing which makes its reception horrible stateside. That perhaps is the only strike against this otherwise handsome device. (I am surprised that Samsung USA would release this phone with little support for the old 850 Hz band. I compared it with my lowly e105 and found the signal strength to be lacking in some parts of San Francisco.)

It is a “slider” phone, where the keyboard slides out and back behind the screen. Oh did I say the screen is generous and so bright that you almost wish that it was the screen of your Power Book. The phone has a stubby antenna, has a cool silver exterior and has an uncluttered interface. The icons have been given a makeover and are simply beautiful. As beautiful as that cool chic on Alias reruns! A trendy, multi-functional camera phone with a unique, slide-up design that will take and send pictures and audio clips, as well as capture 15-second video clips. The screen is a large 262,000 color display and it can take and send 30-second audio clips. It has a built in PIM, which is great if you are a PC user. (Sorry Mac guys, no luck when it comes to Apple & Samsung talking to each other.)

Samsung has made Slider its new area of focus. The Wall Street Journal today quoted Samsung executive Sang Jin Park as saying: The clamshell business is getting busy. At CommunicAsia we will introduce a slide-up model. We’re trying to lead in design. Mr. Park said the range of new mid to high-end phones to be unveiled this week will also include smartphones and phones that carry higher-definition megapixel cameras.

Samsung, in my opinion has cracked to code when it makes to great phones. Powerful antenna, lots of features like VGA camera, and screens which just sing to you. And the South Korean giant tops it off with an interface that takes it cue from the other great consumer products company, Apple. Anyway it would be out in July, and price is well not known at this point. So ask me if I personally would buy this phone and my answer would be perhaps not – I chose signal strength over any of its generous features.