CDMA roaming alliance?

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In comparison with GSM, I think CDMA people have not done a good job of forming a global alliance when it comes to “international roaming.” I think with the exception of Europe, rest of the world has enough CDMA carriers to justify a roaming agreement without getting a new handset or using GSM Service. India and China, two of world’s fastest growing markets have CDMA carriers, and so do Japan and Korea. I think it is time for Qualcomm to step up and get this alliance going. Everytime I think of switching to Verizon, I always worry about getting a new number when traveling overseas. It is a pain in the butt. While a CDMA/GSM handset is on cards, it is still ways out and is going to be prohibitively expensive. Just some food for thought.

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Rangachari Anand

Definitely a good idea . I would love to take my Sprint PCs handset to India and have it work on one of the CDMA systems there.

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