Too busy to load your CDs onto your new iPod?

loadpodSo you just got this new 40 GB iPod, and now you need to rip your entire CD collection onto it so you can pick and choose your groove. That’s why you got the iPod in the first place, right? But ripping all those CDs is going to take days and days. What’s a body to do? LoadPod’s got you covered. LoadPod is a service now available in 24 states that will take your entire CD collection, your empty iPod, and rip them for you. They return your iPod (or mini) and your CD collection in 5 days, duly ripped into the same AAC 128 bps format that the iTunes Music Store offers. All this convenience is yours for only- better sit down- $1.50 per CD (minimum 50 CDs) plus a travel charge of $20. Oh well, if you can afford an iPod you can afford the LoadPod service. Enterprising people are everywhere, aren’t they?


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