Starz to Launch Online Movie Service With RealNetworks

Starz to Launch Online Movie Service With Real: Our buddy Rafat Ali scores a major scoop and is telling us about this landmark deal, which is going to make Comcast think about the future a little bit harder. “The service will offer about 100 movies for download every month, and unlimited streaming options, for $12 a month, writes Ali and adds, “The deal is exclusive for both Starz and RealNetworks for at least five years.” I think the killer aspect of this is the streaming and the pricing of the package. I think downloading is a bit of a bother right now because that is something Comcast and its brethern could turn off any time. In case you were wondering, I am also thinking about: Do I want to watch Seabiscuit on my PC? What If I don’t have a big ass Plasma screen hooked up to my computer?