Somebody stole my plug!


My next door neighbor sold his house. Now, this is a good thing as no one on the street likes the guy and we’re all excited waiting to see who’s going to move in. Today a guy came to my door and told me that the plugs he took out of my nicely manicured front lawn are missing. I had no idea what he was talking about so I went out with him to see what the hell he was talking about. He tells me that before they can transfer the title of the house next door the lot had to be surveyed which he was doing. He took two plugs out of MY front lawn so he could make “curvature” calibrations to survey the lot next door and he took them out first thing this morning.

Telling me before defacing my lawn would have been the courteous thing to do but he neglected to do that. He took the plugs out and set them aside to put them back in when he was finished with the surveying. I guess he thought no one would notice and he would be gone before I realized something was amiss in the lawn. What he didn’t count on was the landscape company that does my lawn every Thursday morning showed up after he took the plugs out but before he put them back in. You can guess what happened next- when the surveyor went to put the plugs back they were gone. The landscapers raked them up with the clippings and took them away when they left. So now I have two nice holes in my front lawn. I hope the new neighbors are worth it.

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