Sony U-70 photo w/ extended battery


u70_extended_batteryI contacted Dynamism with some questions about the Sony U-70 ultra-portable PC that I’ve commented about before and they were nice enough to answer my main questions and even send a photo. The picture shows the U-70 on it’s edge with the extended (5.5 hour) battery attached alongside another U-70 with the regular battery for comparison.I asked them a few questions about the weight of the device and the pen input mechanism. Dynamism told me that pen input is handled by pushing the NextText button on the device which then allows you to write anywhere on the screen. They could not tell me how much extra weight the extended battery adds but I’ve read that it adds about a pound to the normal weight (1.2 pounds) of the device. I was interested in the extended battery because I don’t feel the standard (2.5 hour) battery is enough to provide a full day’s use without charging. They indicated the U-70 will be available at the end of June for those who pre-order one while the lesser equipped U-50 is available as early as next week.

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