Money-Back Guarantee on Online Advertising?


(page 18, Media Business magazine’s June Issue…download here…section two): has been offering a money-back guarantee on on its online advertising, saying that it will outperform WSJ (print) anyday…

Advertisers that want to take the challenge must spend at least $150,000 on and run similar messaging in online and print executions at equivalent spending levels over similar time frames. Research company Insight-
Express is conducting the ad effectiveness research. So far, no
advertiser has signed up to take the challenge

TechTarget is another publisher that offers a guarantee to advertisers. Its TargetROI program, launched in 2001, offers guaranteed leads to advertisers through banner ads, newsletters, Webcasts and other online marketing

I’m happy that online media sites are offering these guarantees, but it is foolish of to go against WSJ…I would rather stick with TechTarget’s approach…

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