Apple Airport Express and AirTunes


airport_express_appleOnce in a while a new product will appear that I think is going to revolutionize the user’s experience. Apple today introduced the Airport Express with a unique feature- AirTunes. From the Apple web site:Enjoy your iTunes music library in virtually any room of your house. Share a single broadband Internet connection and USB printer without inconvenient and obtrusive cables. Create an instant wireless network on the go. Extend the range of your current wireless network. How many devices do you need to do all this? Just one.Apple has fit an entire WiFi base station into the equivalent of the iPod AC adapter and all you have to do is plug it in and instant wireless network. But the features don’t stop there- if you already have a WiFi network in place but want to extend it’s range the Airport Express can be plugged anywhere within the original range and it will extend it another 150 – 300 feet. This device is so small and portable you could carry it anywhere and at only $129 retail they are going to sell a ton of these.

Listen to the built-in music capbilities from the Apple web site:AirPort Express with AirTunes brings your iTunes music in your Mac or PC into your living room — or wherever in your home you have a stereo or a set of powered speakers. All you have to do is connect your sound system to the audio port on the AirPort Express Base Station using an audio cable (included in the optional AirPort Express Stereo Connection Kit) and AirTunes lets you play your iTunes music through your stereo or powered speakers — wirelessly. iTunes automatically detects the connection of your remote speakers, so you just have to select them in the popup list that appears at the bottom of the iTunes window and click play.Enjoy your playlists, set iTunes to shuffle through your entire library or repeat your favorite songs over and over again — however you like to enjoy your music on iTunes, you can now enjoy it that way through your stereo speakers, wherever they’re located in your house.Buy more than one AirPort Express Base Station and connect one to every stereo or set of powered speakers in your house — one to your stereo in your living room and another to a pair of powered speakers in your kitchen, for example. Its small size and affordability make it perfect for having more than one. Imagine being able to play your iTunes music on whichever speakers in your house you prefer.What an innovative device and how much easier can it be to not only blanket your entire house (and back yard) with WiFi but also music from your own music collection. Road warriors can carry one of these with them and use it in the hotel with the wired ethernet that most of them have now. Instant wireless in your room. This device will enable non-tech savvy users to connect their iTunes music collection to every stereo in their house and stream music and playlists with just a click of a button. I think this is going to be big.

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