Axiowave not a tsunami?

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Current Analysis on Axiowave: Moderate – the real impact of Axiowave on the core IP routing market, as Axiowave is just the latest in a long line of competitors that have attempted to compete with Cisco and Juniper. While Axiowave is a start- up going against well established market leaders, the company’s strategy of focusing on network economics and capacity utilization will force competitors in the space to respond to charges that conventional routers lack the ability to enforce strict SLA requirements without sacrificing bandwidth.

If Axiowave’s claim that its technology will enable service providers to offer ATM-grade SLAs for IP services can be verified, the company will be able to claim a significant distinction from its rivals in the space.

Despite all the buzz around the company, I concur. I spoke with Mukesh Chattar last week, and he talked about his second start-up in quite details, though never got into technology specifics. I remember getting a similar industry changing pitch from Mukesh with his earlier start-up, Nexabit. However, this time around, he actually has a customer, who is using the product in a live network. The company plans to focus on Asia where the telecom market is quite hot. I have been hearing about American start-ups finding a new lease of life in that part of the planet. I still think it will be a long time before Mukesh’s company can carve out a niche, but they do seem to have all the money.

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