Sony’s Music Promo Launches at McDonald’s

Will start from June 8…customers who buy a Big Mac Extra Value Meal will receive an access code for a free song download from the Sony Connect music service…The promotion begins June 8 and will run from six to 10 weeks.

McDonald’s will launch the Big Mac Meal Tracks promotion in North America and add it in France, Germany and the U.K. in July. It is expected to roll out to additional McDonald’s countries throughout the year as plans are finalized.

McDonald’s is spending $30 million to advertise the partnership with Sony, the Los Angeles Times reported in March.

On Europe launch: Connect Europe is based in Berlin and operated by Sony Network Services Europe, a division of Sony UK. The service will be launched later this month a

Reuters: Terms were not disclosed, but Jay Samit, general manager, Sony Connect, told Reuters that McDonald’s bought download coupons from Sony Connect in anticipation of selling “millions and millions” of tracks.

On Mcds existing partnership with Disney: The Sony alliance could be a way for McDonald’s to tap into pop culture without relying on movie tie-ins with Disney. McDonald’s still has about two years left on a 10-year promotional agreement with Disney. According to this story, there will be some changes to the Disney relationship, but it is unclear as of yet.

More details here in press release

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