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RSS Fence Sitters Note Problems

A comprehensive story on how media companies are adopting RSS, but not without trepidation…a lot of issues which I keep track of in our dedicated RSS section.

RSS fence sitters point to several potential problems, specifically, that the technology can: Replicate indexes at off-site locations and divert potential ad audiences; Offer another opening for content aggregators; Confuse mainstream users because it lacks standardization and is still emerging from an early-adopter phase.

Some interesting facts and figures emerge: is getting 10,000-15,000 page views a week from RSS feeds.

— CSMonitor served nearly three million files through RSS in March.

— For, their e-mails are driving as much traffic to our site as the front page. At one point last summer, the e-mail referrals exceeded front-page referrals to stories. (Goes on to show RSS is a good addendum to use in conjunction with e-mail newlsetters)

— will be launching RSS feeds soon…finally.

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