Voice Glo’s WiFi/PBX System


voiceglo pbxVoiceglo has just released Voice Glo Internet PBX, a wireless communications system that turns wireless routers into virtual PBXs (Private Branch Exchanges). It eliminates the need for traditional PBX equipment and expensive VoIP routing gear, and can replace existing telephone systems in homes and businesses of any size. It works with any WiFi router and can be used with cordless phone systems, analog phone systems, digital phone systems and Wi-Fi- capable PC’s. It can manage 2 to 10 lines in small homes and businesses and up to 254 lines (per Wi-Fi router) in larger scale PBX deployments. This cannot be good both for the phone companies and those who make PBX systems.



small player in what sense. if you are a user then this is great news, but if you are someone who is offering some sort of ccompetitive service to voiceglo, then you need to start thinking about offering similar service/device

Gustav Graves

Hello Om,
Please help me out here,what does this mean if you are a very small player in telecom?

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