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Microsoft Offers Peek At New Media Player, Incorporating Janus

Microsoft is expected to release the first test (beta) version of its new Windows Media Player software today…This new version will incorporate the much-ballyhooed Janus “portable subscriptions” DRM.

The revamped Windows Media Player 10, which will be released in final form to the consumer market later this year, contains substantial changes to the way music, videos, and other media can be organized and retrieved.

The player will include a new “digital media mall” containing links to services such as Napster, MusicNow and CinemaNow that distribute online content in Microsoft’s media formats.

The new software will be invisible to most users until new portable music and video players reach store shelves this summer and fall, but the beta version will allow users to able to browse through new ways of organizing media libraries and take advantage of a considerably simplified interface.


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