Coming soon, TiVo on the Go


For past few months I have watched Microsoft flex its muscles, and use its hype machine to talk about its portable media players. Actually what really intrigued me was little or no response from TiVo to all the noise. When I posed this question to one of my supremely connected sources in Silicon Valley, he said, just wait. Intrigued, I made a few phone calls and found that TiVo could be announcing TiVo on the Go, before end of the month.

Apparently, the company is likely to announce a spec (that will feature some sort of a micro drive) and will allow device makers to come up with a non-Microsoft portable media player. I am not too sure, because earlier in the year, TiVo had talked about a laptop centric TiVo On The Go.

For the first time, TiVo subscribers with Home Media Option will be able to move their favorite programs stored on a TiVo DVR to a laptop for viewing on the road, or to any PC. For those who have a PC equipped with a DVD burner, programs can then be burned to DVD so users can take the TiVo experience with them wherever they go.

I really don’t have more details, but scouring the web, I came across this piece on the PVRBlog. Interesting details. I would love to get more feedback and information on this.

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