Yet another Bluetooth rival

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Bluetooth’s Newest Rival is a technology called, Near Field Communications (NFC) which is currently being used for e-payments and small-scale data transfers of up to 1 Mbit/sec over a few feet.

Users touch two NFC devices to establish a link, which gets round complex addressing problems. Putting devices close together is good enough, but proponents believe touching will come more naturally to people. NFC is already used in Radio Frequency Identification devices (RFID), employed increasingly for ‘smart’ product tags in shops and for etickets. (Personal Computer World.)

My take: interesting concept, though I am not quite sure why one would need yet another bit of PAN technology. Finally Bluetooth is getting embedded in cars, cell phones and hopefully in some consumer devices. This is good penetration and hopefully more people will add support for the PAN technology.

Bluetooth folks, have to get their act together and make the technology simpler and easier to use. Maybe Apple should be running the Bluetooth stuff.

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From what I’ve heard, NFC is more like a sub-PAN wireless technology used more for authentication purposes and security. For instance, to pair two bluetooth devices, you could just touch them together using NFC to initiate automatic pairing. Also, its very intuitive from the human perspective. You want to control the radio w/ phone, touch them together. You want to sync with pc, touch, etc. It’s not a bluetooth replacement since the conversating devices actually need to be so close that they do or barely make contact, its more of a complementary technology that can be used with bluetooth, wifi, uwb, you name it.

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