The Word Press Switch

So after many little experiments and changes, GigaOM has been Word Pressed. I tried using Moveable Type 3.0 but somehow the bugs in the system never really went away. My switch is not as religious as some others such as Mark Pilgrim. I just could not deal with the server errors and was worried about not being able to post on a regular basis.

Much of the switch went smoothly, even though about 60 odd posts have not been imported, but that’s all right, for I can do cut-and-paste and get everything into the Word Press database. I have also left the old files intact, just in case some one comes looking for them. Given that I am not much of a CSS guy, I cannot figure out why the hell the single listing page breaksdown like the way it does. Any one have ideas?

I switched all three weblogs – GigaOM, Not Really Indian and VoIPDaily – in less than 30 minutes. I admit I had some help from Pankaj, but it was more or less learn as you go kind of an experience. I managed to port everything to the old skin and have retained much of the look and feel of the MT-powered site. In addition, using some hacks I managed to retain the URL of the old RSS feed so there will be no disruptions at all. I am sure, there will be more bugs, but so far everything is working smoothly.

My initial impression – Word Press is very fast, nimble and is light weight. I see the bandwidth consumption is down, and so are the MySQL resources. The size of the overall site is smaller. What I don’t like? Well I cannot post from Net News Wire or Ecto or W.Bloggar. That truly is the biggest short coming of Word Press, but I am told that it will eventually be worked out. My single listing page seems to be breaking down for some odd reason, and since I am no CSS guru, I have no clue why that is happening. Anyone have tips for me?

Why and how I got to Word Press?