BroadbandNow, Oh Wow


It is the kind of hare-brained schemes which put Future Publishing (its division Imagine Media) in serious trouble during the heydays back a few years ago: just when it claws out of the troubles, it has done it again.

The UK company has launched a digital magazine, called BroadbandNow!, using Zinio’s software. BroadbandNow! will publish six issues between now and the end of 2004, priced at 99p.

From the magazine’s own description, “It’s an entertainment magazine which focuses on all the fantastic content that is available online. As well as great news and articles, we’ll bring you movie trailers, playable games and interactive guides!”

I can understand the rational of a magazine focused on the business of broadband content, but a user guide to broadband content? And a digital version at that? How about just a plain HTML website, if at all?

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