Keeping up with Junipers

In case anyone missed the launch of Cisco’s big honking router (talk about mega publicity) I have a column today on Business 2.0. This new box, formerly known as Huge F******g Router (HFR) is now called Carrier Routing System. (CRS-1)

Does CRS-1 live up to its hype? Not really. Its speed and capacity are impressive, but not unrivaled. Tiny Procket Networks has a box that can handle more data than CRS-1. More important, Cisco’s No. 1 rival, Juniper Networks (JNPR), has been offering a similar, if not better, product, T640, for about 30 months and is hard at work on a next-generation product that will make CRS-1 look like a clunker. Juniper has already snatched away 34 percent of the core router market, and its share is growing; Cisco’s market share stands at 59 percent, down from 70 percent in 2002. (Read in PDF format.)