Instant grocery shopping via cameraphone


peapodI saw this on engadget– is an online grocery shopping service that lets you keep your shopping list on your PC and order your stuff online. It’s then delivered to your home at a predetermined time. I used this service years ago when I had back surgery and could not leave my third floor apartment for six weeks. It was a lifesaver for me and an excellent service. They are now taking the service further as they are working on a way for customers to improve their shopping experience. Everytime you take something out of your pantry you snap a picture of the item’s barcode with your Bluetooth phone and it automatically uploads into your PeaPod shopping list. Cool use of technology that is actually useful.


Marc Even

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Sadly, they pulled out of Houston. I believe it had something to do with a problem with the grocery chain they were working with. Damn good service, too.

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