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The Busine$$ of RSS

Making a case for business models around RSS, and newsreaders: What’s crucial to understand with this is that whoever provides the [RSS news]reader to the public also owns the engine, and THAT is the business end of RSS. It means advertising can be crafted into the design of the reader and delivered based on the choices, habits and interests of the end user. It’s contextual advertising nirvana. This type of business currently does not exist, but it’s ideal for local media outlets…”

Slightly high-falutin, but on the mark…the problem is, very few media organizations would want to put their weight behind any one newsreader at this point…I know of at least one big news organization which is exploring giving a newsreader as a download, with its own custom fields built in, and then users can of course add their own RSS feeds…media companies will probably wait it out for a while…