Of blogs and journalism


Looks like blogs and journalism are coming together …finally. CBS Marketwatch Frank Barnako picked up my post on Cometa for his Internet Daily column. No linkback, but this is a promising development for all bloggers who break news. I have linked to the cached version of the piece.

Google eyes Microsoft desktop, with echoes of Netscape: “‘Cometa’s failure is proof that the wholesale model is not going to work,’ said Om Malik, author of ‘Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion telecom heist.’ On his Web log, Malik wrote, ‘it seems McDonald’s decision forced some venture capitalists to scale back and not finance Cometa.’ McDonald’s decided to make a Wi-Fi deal with Wayport Inc. instead.”

Here is what Nick Denton of Gawker Media told PR Week:

Blogs provide a filter between PR professionals and journalists. Reporters have been increasingly overwhelmed by pitches. They don’t open their emails or answer the phone a lot of the time. Some of the more savvy journalists are looking at the web as a filter.

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