Another reason to hate Comcast


When the bluescreen of death comes to your television, then you will learn the true meaning of the word hate and it will be towards Comcast.

Comcast tunes into Microsoft TV software | CNET “Comcast Cable, one of the largest cable operators in the United States, on Thursday signed a deal to funnel Microsoft’s latest TV software to millions of set-top boxes.”



I used to hate Comcast now I despise them. They raised prices left and right over the years for their overpriced and low quality service.

In my area they took the NFL network from the basic package and set it up as a premium channel. That was the last straw.

I canceled my service on July 23. They have now billed me for August, September and October saying that, although they see the disconnection request, it has not been disconnected from the pole. I don’t know what to do. I don’t us their service but they keep billing me. They even sent a collection agency after me for money I do not owe.

I will watch nothing before I use them again.

I now use DirectTv and I am very happy.

George Campbell Maclin lll

I have seen the same Comcast Newsmakers interview by Cathy Motley-Fitch, with a young lady promoting a “diva” program, At least twenty(20) times.

One time I saw the same interview twice in the thirty minute CNN headlines program.

I hate the “MOTHERS” more than you know.

Thanking you in advance.
Have a blessed day.

George Campbell Maclin lll

PS: moter later


I hate Comcast – if only we had another cable company to AT LEAST CHOOSE FROM. I swap out my box today for an HDTV box – they gave me the wrong box that won’t take HDMI cables, so I had to drive back up there & get another box. This box is so new that there are no instruction manuals anywhere on their website as to how to program, hook up, etc. (I’m new at this – shouldn’t the tv people know about these things?) I call Comcast to ask how to hook up the new box- which cables do I need, not need, etc. The cable employee could not tell me how to hook up the cable. How sad is that? I would like to know how to get the “clock” back up on the monitor as well, but no amount of buttons I push makes that happen. I’d call customer service, but that’s always a waste of time b/c they’re as ignorant as I am about these things. And I pay these people way too much money to deal with their incompetence. I also agree with previous posts- that local edition crap at 25 & 55 past the hour HAS to go.


What kills me is these douche bags take over adelphia and now we get even worse service. I went to go watch the soccer games and find out they took away Univision, I’m not Latino but that’s the only channel that broadcasts Copa America and the US was playing. Instead we now get the gay channel, which I don’t have a problem with. But one has to wonder why they put that channel in and took away Univision, especially in the Pittsburgh area which is the least diverse city in the US.. granted there are probably only 14 Latinos here, but there the total gay population here is likely less then 9.

They must be saving money on this somehow since its not market driven………. I won’t even go into the poor internet service and lack of HD channels.



Oh my God. What a waste of time. Please stop your stupid Local Edition. It is a terrible idea and nobody is watching. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


I was watchng Glen Beck “WAS” is the action word.Comcast decides to put on Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, which todays topic is How to prepare for house guest, what a bunch of bullshit, it’s either some some stupid topic on “comcast newsmakers” or this 150 yr old women talking about something that only she is interested in. I wish i had another choice BUT I don’t. This is the worst cable compant I have ever had, I am soooo close to going to Direct TV.

John Doe

omg.i hate comcast local edition too!every time its two wannabe “reporters” talking about completely useless i give a damn about a pig farm in santa clara.ALL I WANT IS CNN!




I have used the Comcast website to complain about Newsmakers. They replied that they purchase the airtime from CNN but gave no rationale why they pre-empt this program as opposed to some other. My reply was to go to Direct TV and I get Sunday Ticket to boot.


I’ve been working with ComCast for over a year now. I work in a call center. When your pissed off, and nothing’s working, i’m the guy who gets the brunt of it. The service you recieve from any given agent is like a doctor. They may word things differently, may have interpreted policy differently (we ARE human) and may have more working experience than others, but we do the best we can. Unfortunalty we don’t have individual extentsions (or else i’d give you mine).
Try to kind of see things from our side. Of the 50+ calls you take in any given shift, 40 of which are incredibly pissed off, and occasionally ignorant, are itching to rip your head off. So unfortunately, if you call toward the end of any given shift, we may not be in the best of moods, but we do our job. Which is exactly what it is.
And last of all, its a free call. Which is why its sometimes a long wait to get through. In front of you is a grandmother who bought her first pc, wants to know how to work her email, but can’t exactly see the monitor, and panics over everything. We are patient. We try to be thorough. And if its not a Comcast product, we can’t help you. Internet problems? Unplug mdm for 20 seconds, restore power. You should be good to go. I’ll post basic Trouble Shooting Tactics later. Hope yaw’ll enjoy it, and spread the free advice. Or wait on the phone :)


We need to start a class action suit. We pay for the programing from the newtwork, not the local cable companies little “news” (really a commercial) program.


I’m very frustrated with the Comcast Newsmakers. I’m not paying $80 a month to view their local, what should be public access, show on CNN Headline News. I pay to watch CNN Headline News. I’ve called them six times in the last month, and they seem uninterested in my opinion, and very often don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Has anyone had any success in getting Comcast Newsmakers off of CNN Headline News? If so, please let us know.


I too can’t stand “Comcast ‘Loco Edition'” As others have stated–if I want local news, I’ll tune into a local newsbroadcast.

The interviews aren’t particularly compelling–nor are the interviewers themselves.

Is Loco Edition a repository for frustrated/wannabe broadcasters?

Daniel and Heidi

We hate the stupid company called COMCAST. Unfortunately there is a stupid monopoly in Arlington County (VA) and only COMCAST provides high speed and cable TV.


Lincoln Towers – Arlington VA.


I have contacted them numerous times about this and they just don’t care what our opionions are. Please give us a choice of cable providers so we can be rid of these idiots.


I live in comcast’s crummy city Phladelphia
Thats reason enough to Hate Crimecast

Dishnetwork Direct Tv


I HATE COMCAST! But I can’t get DSL, Sprint won’t come the last mile to my house. I think Comcast is paying them to stay out. We have a local 24 hour news station (NWCN), I don’t need Comcast local edition.


I hate comcast with a vengance because they are lazy. I don’t care about the TV but because of their internet services, or lack there of.

The place I live in, Hudson, has a few different areas to it. The city of hudson, the town of hudson, and the village of north hudson. North hudson and the city of hudson can get broadband cable services I live in the Town but I’m litterally surrounded by the city.

Comcast will not go 100 feet to go to the group of houses around us. So I’m stuck with 56k for about another 2 years until another company is coming here. I hate comcast.


Welcome Shea, I agree totally with you, but comcast does not seem to understand, that a national and I repeat national news channel, is for yes come on you got it…. national news, local news belongs on the local stations. Think what I have to deal, with not only do I have comcast newsmakers in my area, but seeking solutiions with suzanne, an old lady who talks, about wortless crap.

Shea, Comcast cannot break into fox news channel, because they are not allowed to, or for the matter any channels except cnn headline news to do so. Your best bet, would be to flood cnn headline news, with emails, letters etc. telling them that they are losing business, by local edition.


I want to see a full half-hour of news Not the shit 25 and 55 min. past
the hour


I also hate to have to change the channel twice every half hour because


It’s so pleasing to see that there are others out there who find Comcasts’ worthless interruptions just as annoying and frustrating as I do! I am so tired of watching Headline News and being interrupted by Comcast and their bullshit newsmakers program! Why doesn’t Comcast get their own damn channel? Or even better, cut into Fox News…those people need to be shut up every once in a while too!


Sorry to hear about that but, hey basic cable today is basically nothing but locals, and a few networks, heck even c-span is in expanded basic here, if you really want to get the news channels, then why dont you just upgrade, the reason why you dont see a cnn or a msnbc in a the most basic tier out there is because of MONEY.


HA! At least you all get the chance to view other news channels. The hell with chaning the channel twice a hour. I hate Comcast because it shows it political agenda, I got comcast limited cable and you dont even get CNN or MSNBC, you get FOX NEWS as the only cable news channel. So think about how its is to be stuck wiht political biest propaganda news, where they talk about TERROR 24/7 8-}


Glad we are not the only ones, I mean ther eis no excuse, for this stuff this is like taking oh lets say a network like espn, your in the middle of watching a game, and then all of a sudden it gets interrupted this is what essentially comcast is doing. And you know what makes it even easier for them to insert their useless junk is that two minute break they always take at :22 and :52 past the hour, if headline news extended there coverage eliminating the break, then it would be much more difficult to insert the crap. Headline news doesnot even rpmote on air the local news crap, and whoever thought up the idea, obviously does not know much about keeping viewers. I say we all band together, get your friends,neighbors, etc. and barade comcast, with emails, threatening to switch, or discontinue service with them, they are not helpong the community, we want our feature segments, entertainment reports etc. back. local edition sucks.


I turn the channel as soon as I hear the warbly musical intro of Comcast Newsmakers Local Addition with Donna Richardson. Nothing against the Ms. Richardson, but seeing her down to earth, close set, makeup less eyes, against the dreadful backdrop of concentric circles makes me angry. The sad thing about it is that while I would like to know what’s going on in the community. How did she get the job? Again, a nice person but the message is so dull and lackluster and so are all the guests. I know this because I have tried to endure the show a few times or was too sick or exhausted to turn the channel. I even feel bad for turning the channel because the issues are important but there has got to a better way to communicate. The frequency, poor production quality and the sight of the tired looking host is infuriating. Please, how do we make it go away? Why does it continue? Does anyone ever watch it? Who composed the music? OMG It’s on again right now!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!! Also the fact that it preempts other shows of interests so that you are almost forced to watch it is another reason I hate it and maybe even Comcast as a whole. I guess it’s taken me this long to finally expressed my dislike for the programing. I see others have been complaining for years.


I wish I had the chance to hate their internet service. Comcast is the only cable franchise in my county, but they refuse to wire 40% of the population – just straight out say “No, we won’t wire you.” I’m stuck with dial-up Internet and satellite TV. Now who gets to hate Comcast more? :)


I also hate Comcast Local Edition. It is completely worthless. If I want local news, I’ll watch local channels or public access. I watch Headline News for national and international news. It is especially annoying when there is a promo for something cool on Headline News and I miss it because of Comcast Local Edition.


I hate those stupid interviews too, they need to get the picture, that their progrma, is nothing but crap and that nobody watches it. I turn away, when they insert that crap, because it is worse than public access produced shows. Down with comcast newsmakers

hate Comcast Local Edition

I agree. I have to change the fucking channel ecause of this garbage.


I’m trying to start a ground-swell of people who hate Comcast. My reason for hating them is their preemption of CNN headline news for Comcast Local Edition – a worthless piece of junk that makes me change the channel twice an hour. Anyone interested in joining my cause?

Bart Jenkins

Oh i agree. It’s ridiculous. The quality is terrible during these utterly bizarre, nonsensical segments. .


Yeah. It is really horrible how people inform others who live in the same community of things that are going on to bring people together and to help others. I suppose you all would rather live at your computers and bellyache about how bad things are, but do nothing about them but complain.

Comcast Local Edition gives you an opportunity to know what is going on around you, you people are all stuck on stupid.


Alison – that’s what public access channel is for. When I watch HLN, I’m watching for national news, not local interviews which are repeated over and over.


I hate Comcast Local Editions interruptions. I always change the channel and feel mad that I was not able to watch a show to it’s completion. Comcast has it’s own local channel. Don’t force this on us!

Kathy Downie

I am interested in your cause, what can we do to change this? Like you, I have to change the channel twice an hour, or at least mute comcast local. Is there anyone we can contact to complain. I pay for cable service and feel that I have the right to tune in to headline news and watch it in its entirety, and watch Clark Howard for 30 minutes, NOT 25 minutes. It feels so good to find that I am not alone.




does any one know how much production dollars they waste on producing that worthless segmant??


This is an old post I’m responding to, but Comcast has to stop Local Edition. I can’t take that woman Jill Horner and her idiotic “interviews”. Why only her, by the way? Twice an hour we have to watch this worthless nonsense and Comcast has a captive audience. I hate it and I resent having o pay for this garbadge. Worthless. I’ve had to stop watching CNN because of this, Any ideas on how consumers can make their feelings known about this? At least have more people to interview. Horner is terrible. Listening to her is like watching paint dry. She is a big part of the problem people have. She is not interesting nor informative. An awful so called journalist. Bring back the other women they had doing the interviews oor for God’s sake bring in a new person. Ready to change companies bc of this stuff they force on paying customers.


Hey, I generally dislike the local edition too, but lay off Jill Horner! She’s an intelliger cutie. what would you rather see — dumb stuff like Jane-Velez Mitchell, News to Me, Clark Howard? — none of which are really Headline News — or the foxy rehdhead Jill Horner?


I AGREE- HOW IN GOD’s name do we get rid of Comcast Local edition ???? Can Jill Horner get some new clothes ??? She wears the same ugly brown sweater in every telecast. Why Do we NOT have a say whether or not that USELESS programming can be eliminated?? JILL HORNER IS HOT, BUT INVEST IN A NEW WARDROBE HONEY !!! And look for a hairstyle change now and then, you’re too cute for that drab look you give me every 1/2 hour.


tom m

yes it is terrible! just filed a complaint to comcast. Also wrote to CNN letting them know this was happening. Please do the same!


I totally agree. I contact Comcast and they don’t even know what Local Edition is. It is beyond awful!!! I change the channel too. If Steve gets paid for this he should be fired. He has the same guests for weeks. Steve is OK, but local edition is the worst of the worst.

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