My first mobile Skype


I made my first Skype call from my Toshiba Pocket PC tonight and I have to say I’m just blown away by the technology. The call was crystal clear on my end and my friend found the same quality on his end even though I don’t have a headset. I used the internal microphone and speaker and according to my call mate it sounded as good as any speakerphone.I’ve used Skype on my laptop before but the ability to call from my PPC is rather liberating. With Skype’s announcement today that soon you will be able to call any landline from the Skype service, well, this put’s a phone into every Pocket PC. And effectively kills off VoIP services that phone companies are rolling out now.


Dave Winet

Now my question is as follows: Can I join a Skype conference from my PPC?


It might- the Toshiba has a slightly different arrangement with the rings in the jack so you just have to try it. I’m going to get the Toshiba headset if I keep using Skype.


So if I have a Jabra Freespeak for Non-bluetooth phones — will that work on my Toshiba?

Brad I.

Hey, I hadn’t thought of using skype for conference calls! what a great idea! I mean conf calls are normally pretty crummy in quality and substance, so why not. Skype gives pretty decent voice and sound. Might as well save some money too.


Right now it’s hard to find a buddy’s contact exactly when he’s online and has Skype running. It works well for conference calls for informal groups, though. I can definitely see using this a lot when landlines go live.


Do you feel that Skype is something your likely to use on a regular basis?

Or will you wait until access to landlines is implemented?

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