Quit bitching about gas prices


Almost every time I turn on the national news these days I get bombarded by some news piece decrying the ever increasing price of gasoline in the US. With unleaded gas prices topping $2/ gallon in many places the news media frenzy has gotten worse and much more frequent. I get tired hearing about this as if to imply some conspiracy to force the prices up is being masterminded by either the US government or US oil companies.

FACT: gasoline prices in the UK and other EU countries is over $5/ gallon and has been for some time.FACT: milk is over $4/ gallon in some places in the US. I’m not an expert in milk processing but it seems to me it must be predominantly locally produced with few imports like there are of oil. I’d be surprised if there’s a lot of processing (refining) costs for milk compared to gasoline.FACT: bottled water- the kind you pick up at the convenience store on your way to/ from working out, has cost more per gallon than gasoline for years. It’s no wonder that EVIAN spelled backward is NAIVE.FACT: currently 31% of the price of gasoline is federal and local taxes.We have it pretty good price wise in the US for gasoline compared to most places in the world so let’s quit bitching about it.



Well no one wants to be where everyone else in the world is. And it does seam a little weird that we have a president in there now that owns quite a bit of oil stock and a company for that matter and the gas prices have skyrocketed sence then. Yea Yea Yea. I know your already bi*****g about it. But its true!


I would like to remind you of the fact that gas prices in the United States don’t necessarily reflect out of pocket expenses that Europeans pay for fuel. For example, look at the health care programs that we pay for and the health care programs that other governments pay for, the true cost for fuel is offset by more cash flow that Europeans should have when their governments are paying for items such as health care. That is the a fraction of the difference between us and them.

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